Why Shopping at Your Local Hardware Store is Better?


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Local hardware stores are more than just places where you buy tools and supplies; they are owned by a local entrepreneur who had an idea, an interest and wanted to turn it into a business and help the local community. Unlike big box stores, local stores literally allow you to keep your money where your heart is. How? Let’s find out.

Local Employment

When you buy something at the local hardware store, you support a business that provides local people with jobs. Moreover, if you see a town where all of the youngsters have left to seek employment somewhere else, you see the consequences of not shopping locally.

Sense Of Community

We all need a feeling of belonging, and when you know your local shopkeeper, you increase the connection with your community. In addition, this has long-term benefits, too: a strong sense of community is really important for people’s well-being.

Save Time And Energy

When you don’t have a local hardware store, you have to travel further to get everything you need which is inconvenient and costly. Not to mention the fact that you can always pop to your local shop to get a last minute item; you’re ahead, everything is done within minutes.

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Better Deals

Understandably, you may feel like you could get better deals by buying at the big box stores. But is it a false economy? If you drive extra to get something you need to add petrol, time, and wear and tear on your car to the actual cost of the item. And when you shop online, can you return the item for free if you didn’t like it? Most often, you have to pay for shipping.

Competitive Pricing

The prices at the big box stores are the same ones you will find throughout the country. However, local hardware stores set prices based on a local situation. They are more concerned about offering a good price to beat the local competitor rather than generating more profit. Thus, you are more likely to get a great deal at your local hardware store.

High-Quality Products

Big box stores are more concerned about making money than about customer satisfaction. They can place low-quality products next to good products and you never know which one you’re going to get. And they often get away with it because customers won’t bother to return an item.

However, you will have peace of mind knowing that your local hardware store offers only the highest quality products. Besides, local hardware stores sell products made in the USA, which means you are also supporting businesses based in America with your purchases. A good example of a local brand that produces quality products made in America is Zip-Up Products. The company is passionate about supporting local distributors and retailers. They work with local suppliers to produce professional grade containment and protection products.

Shopping locally is about making conscious decisions and understanding long-term and short-term consequences. So next time you’re heading to a hardware store, look around you at your community and imagine that all local businesses have disappeared. And bear this in mind the next time you decide to shop in a big box store.

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